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Université de Québec à Montréal (UQAM)


Name of actuarial science programs

  • Baccalauréat en actuariat
  • Maîtrise en mathématiques actuarielles et financières


The department of mathematics offers a three-year bachelor’s program in actuarial studies. The program examines the various aspects of actuarial science: life and non-life insurance, group insurance, pension plans, finance, and investment. Numerous internship opportunities are available to students throughout the program.

The department also offers a master’s program in actuarial and financial mathematics, enabling students to further their knowledge and understanding of insurance, finance, modelling, and quantitative risk management. Subjects such as pricing and modelling of reserves, natural disasters, climate change, segregated funds, and population aging are explored.

Mandatory Courses for recognized degree

For a degree to be recognized by the CIA, a student must successfully complete the following mandatory courses:

Sigle du cours Nom du cours
MAT1700 Probabilités I
ACT1200 Mathématiques Financières I
ECO 1013 Microéconomie I
ECO1023 Macroéconomie I
SCO1250 Introduction aux sciences comptables
ACT4310 Mathématiques de la finance actuarielle I
FIN3500 Gestion financière
ACT4310 Mathématiques de la finance actuarielle I
ACT5310 Mathématiques de la finance actuarielle II
ACT3300 Mathématiques de l’assurance de personne I
ACT4300 Mathématiques de l’assurance de personne II
ACT6051 Modèles actuariels en assurance de personnes
ACT2060 Applications probabilistes des risques actuariels
ACT3400 Distribution de sinistres
ACT4400 Modèles de survie
ACT5400 Crédibilité
ACT3035 Laboratoire d’actuariat
ACT6100 Analyse de données en actuariat
STT5100 Modèles linéaires appliqués


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