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University of Waterloo Graduate Program


Name of actuarial science program

  • Master of Actuarial Science (MActSc)


The Master of Actuarial Science (MActSc) is a professional program designed for highly qualified students with strong quantitative and communication skills who have not previously studied actuarial science. The objective of the MActSc is to develop both technical and business skills in the context of the modern risk management environment.

The program comprises three semesters. Students take 15 courses, covering material from introductory interest theory to advanced graduate-level material in risk management and financial mathematics. The objective of the program is to prepare students for top-level actuarial careers, emphasizing both cutting edge technical material and the insurance business environment.

University of Waterloo Graduate Mandatory Courses for recognized degree

For a degree to be recognized by the CIA, a student must successfully complete the following mandatory courses:

Course Course title
ACTSC613 Statistics for Actuarial Science
ACTSC611 Financial Mathematics I
ACTSC614 Corporate Finance and Accounting
ACTSC615 Economics
ACTSC621 Financial Mathematics II
ACTSC631 Financial Mathematics III
ACTSC612 Life Insurance Mathematics I
ACTSC622 Life Insurance Mathematics II
ACTSC613 Statistics for Actuarial Science
ACTSC625 Casualty and Health Insurance
ACTSC613 Statistics for Actuarial Science
ACTSC623 Applied Statistics
ACTSC632 Data Science with Actuarial Applications
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