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Name of actuarial science programs

  • BSc Major in Actuarial Science
  • BSc Honours in Actuarial Science
  • MSc in Actuarial Science


The Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science at Simon Fraser University offers undergraduate major and honours degrees in actuarial science. A suite of actuarial, mathematics, statistics, business, and economics courses in these programs ensure that graduates obtain both the theoretical foundations and the practical knowledge required to begin successful actuarial careers in a variety of settings. The department also offers a two-year research-oriented Master’s program in actuarial science that is not part of the Canadian Institute of Actuaries accreditation program.

Mandatory Courses for recognized degree

For a degree to be recognized by the CIA, a student must successfully complete the following mandatory courses: 

Course Course title
ACMA 101  Introduction to Insurance 
ACMA 201  Interest Theory and Applications 
ACMA 301 Long-Term Actuarial Mathematics I 
ACMA 340 Financial Economics for Actuaries 
ACMA 355 Loss Models I 
ACMA 360W*  Actuarial Communication 
ACMA 401  Long-Term Actuarial Mathematics II 
ACMA 455  Loss Models II 
BUS 251  Financial Accounting 
ECON 103  Principles of Microeconomics 
ECON 105  Principles of Macroeconomics 
STAT 270  Introduction to Probability and Statistics 
STAT 330  Introduction to Mathematical Statistics 
STAT 350  Linear Models in Applied Statistics 
STAT 452  Statistical Learning and Prediction 

*Or any other W course

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