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Name of actuarial science programs

  • BA or BSc Honours in Actuarial Mathematics
  • BA or BSc Specialization in Actuarial Mathematics
  • BA or BSc Specialization in Actuarial Mathematics/Finance


The Specialization program in Actuarial Mathematics is comprised of 20 required courses (60 credits) and 10 elective courses (30 credits). Provided that students follow all courses from the following mandatory list, students will be eligible to access the ACIA Capstone exam for the Pathway 1 access to CIA associateship (ACIA). Moreover, the required courses cover most of the preparatory material for Exams P, FM, FAM, ALTAM, ASTAM, on top of allowing obtaining credits for the VEE in Applied Statistics. Moreover, some of the optional courses allow preparing for Exams SRM and PA, and to obtain VEEs in Economics, and in Corporate Finance. This is a limited-entry program with a maximum of roughly 50 students selected among the more than 200 applications that we receive every year. Our minimum application grade point average (GPA) is 3.3 on 4.3 and then a minimum GPA of 2.0 on 4.3 is required to remain in good standing in the program.

The Honours program requires exactly the same course content as the Specialization, but in addition the student needs to complete a six-credit Honours actuarial research project under the supervision of faculty member of our department. A higher minimum GPA of 3.0 on 4.3 is required to remain in good standing in this program, which is designed for students who intend to continue their training in graduate school.

The Specialization program in Actuarial Mathematics/Finance is offered jointly with our John Molson School of Business (JMSB). It requires almost the same actuarial courses as the Specialization in Actuarial Mathematics, plus the equivalent of a Minor in Finance, taken at the JMSB. These include all our SOA-approved courses for the VEE in Applied Statistics, Economics, and in Corporate Finance. As a result, all 90 credits are required and there are no electives. We admit, at most, 15 students a year in this program, usually our top applicants (minimum application GPA of 3.7 on 4.3), who sit in the same courses as the other actuarial science students.

Mandatory Courses for recognized degree

For a degree to be recognized by the CIA, a student must successfully complete the following mandatory courses:

Course number Course title
STAT 249 Probability 1
STAT 250 Probability 2
ACTU 256 Mathematics of Finance
ACCO 230 Introduction to Financial Accounting
ECON 201 Introduction to Microeconomics
ECON 203 Introduction to Macroeconomics
MACF 301 Introduction to Quantitative Finance
ACTU 257 Actuarial Mathematics I
ACTU 357 Actuarial Mathematics II
ACTU 457 Risk Theory
ACTU 458 Credibility Theory
ACTU 459 Short term insurance 2
STAT 250 Probability 2
STAT 380/ACTU 491 Statistical Learning
STAT 460 Time Series and Forecasting
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