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What is Pathway 2 and who is it for?

This pathway is designed for candidates who attained a full or partial Associate designation from another recognized actuarial organization and want to become an ACIA and FCIA through the CIA’s education and exams. Pathway 2 candidates do not plan to use the examinations or become a Fellow of another actuarial organization. It is also for candidates from countries with which the CIA does not have a mutual recognition agreement.

ACIA designation via Pathway 2

If you are an Associate or achieved Associate-level credits from a recognized organization or hold a designation from a non-recognized association, this pathway is for you.

FCIA designation via Pathway 2

If you have qualified as an ACIA using Pathway 2, you will pursue the FCIA designation with innovative CIA educational activities.

Not the right pathway for you?

Learn about the other pathways to get your ACIA and FCIA designations.

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