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Why pursue the ACIA designation using this path

  • You want to hold a high quality, globally recognized Associate designation.
  • You are pursuing your actuarial education at a CIA accredited university.
  • You want to stand out to employers that you have the knowledge, skills and professionalism to be an asset to their organization.

What you will need to do

Steps for pursuing the ACIA designation via Pathway 1

Complete your recognized actuarial degree including CIA mandatory courses.

Successfully complete ACIA Modules 1 and 2 while you’re in university.

Pass the ACIA Capstone exam when your degree is completed.

Complete and submit your ACIA membership application.

Pursue the FCIA designation if and when you’re ready.

Check for any exemptions you may qualify for in our transition rules.

If this is your path, learn about next steps

Practical information on getting your ACIA designation

Learn more about how to achieve your ACIA designation. Get the most up-to-date news, information and resources, new syllabuses plus important dates and next steps for your journey.

Continuing professional development (CPD)

The needs of our profession and clients are continually changing. CPD requirements ensure that ACIAs and FCIAs stay up to date.

Apply now

Apply now if you meet Pathway 1 requirements for ACIA membership.

Note: Applications for exemptions are not required – they will be confirmed upon review of your membership application.

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