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Recognized Fellow designations include those granted by:

Actuarial Society of South Africa (South Africa)

Casualty Actuarial Society (United States)

Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (United Kingdom)

Institute of Actuaries of Australia (Australia)

Society of Actuaries (United States)

Society of Actuaries in Ireland (Ireland)

Why you should consider becoming an Associate or Fellow of the CIA

An ACIA designation shows potential employers, clients and other professionals that you possess the knowledge and skills to be an effective and professional actuary. An FCIA designation demonstrates that you possess a particular and highly sought-after professional skillset and the experience to apply it in a specialized way. Both designations can help advance your career and open new opportunities in traditional and emerging areas of actuarial science.

How to become FCIA

Pathway 2: Have your existing qualifications assessed and then complete your FCIA through the CIA's education system

This is the Affiliate route. It is designed for people who have an Associate- or Fellow-level designation from actuarial organizations that are not recognized by the CIA, who live in Canada, and who wish to become an FCIA by completing the CIA’s education and examinations.

You might consider this path if:

  • You want to have your qualifications achieved to date recognized by the CIA to help achieve FCIA designation
  • You want to avoid any delays in your plan to achieve FCIA
  • The timing of the first availability of CIA modules and exams is acceptable to you
  • You see the value in holding multiple designations
  • You want to pursue FCIA through innovative, open-book, online CIA Fellowship exams and modules

Steps for Pathway 2

Contact the CIA to ensure you meet the criteria for enrolment in the Affiliate route

Apply to have completed coursework and exams assessed by the CIA

Be an ACIA member for at least 12 months while accruing Canadian experience

Successfully complete FCIA membership application

Successfully complete (any remaining) requirements for an FCIA specialty track

Demonstrate required practical and Canadian-specific experience

Continuing professional education (CPD)

The needs of our profession and our clients are continually changing. CPD requirements ensure our members stay up-to-date and relevant, that ACIA/FCIA designation continues to be recognized as valuable, and that standards of professionalism are always refreshed and upheld.

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