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CIA designations ensure quality professionals

As the qualifying and governing body of the actuarial profession in Canada, we develop and uphold rigorous standards. You can trust that the CIA takes its duty to the public seriously and will ensure that all credentialed actuaries are rigorously evaluated. The CIA Education System is designed to respond to the shifting actuarial landscape and the ever-evolving needs of members, employers, and stakeholders, while helping ensure the ACIA and FCIA designations remain recognized, relevant, and valued in Canada and internationally.

Benefits of the new qualification pathways

Targeted Canadian content

Practical, needs-driven knowledge specific to the Canadian context delivered in both English and French.

Innovative and agile programs

High-quality education and collaborative curriculum development to reshape the knowledge of future actuaries.

Practical approach

Open-book exams focus on the practical application of knowledge in ways that better represent real-world experience.

Cost and time reductions

We keep education costs lower and reduce travel time through online learning, benefiting candidates and employers.

CIA professional designations

ACIA designation

An Associate of the CIA is able to identify, evaluate, and analyze risk, and possesses valuable technical, communications, and business skills defined in the CIA Education Syllabus.

FCIA designation

A Fellow of the CIA has acquired sufficient professional experience and is able to apply Canadian practice-specific standards, legislation, concepts, and techniques in actuarial science across a variety of across a variety of industries.

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