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Continuing professional development ensures actuaries stay up to date

Our profession is dynamic — it continually evolves with the changing needs of individuals and organizations in Canada. Like other professional designations, ACIA or FCIA credentials must be kept current and maintained through continuing professional development (CPD).

CPD quick facts

Continued relevance

CPD requirements ensure actuaries keep their knowledge current

Generous timeline

CPD requirements are completed within a rolling 2-year period

Flexible format

80 hours of guided and self-study required (at least 30 hours guided) — actuaries can choose the CPD that is relevant to them

Supporting professionalism

Mandatory professionalism module including required readings conveniently packaged all in one place

CPD requirements for actuaries doing Canadian work

Actuaries must meet minimum CPD requirements to be able to attest to following the CIA CPD Qualification Standard when performing work for use in Canada.

Participate in CIA events and learning opportunities

Actuaries can take advantage of a variety of networking and learning opportunities, including conferences, seminars, webcasts, and other events.

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