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CIA Membership: What membership can do for your career as an actuary

As a CIA member, you are part of the premier actuarial community in Canada. Your credentials show employers, regulators, and the public that you are committed to the highest level of professionalism and actuarial expertise. And you are backed by a profession that punches above its weight – creating opportunities across Canada and around the world.

Qualification pathways: Three qualification pathways have been developed to provide an inclusive approach to becoming an ACIA or FCIA

Pathway 1

This is the CIA route. It is designed for students attending a CIA-accredited university who wish to leverage a fresh, innovative, and practical qualification process and go on to become an Associate or Fellow of the CIA through our own education and examinations.

Pathway 2

This is the partnership route. It is designed for people with full or partial associate-level qualifications from another actuarial organization who wish to become an ACIA. They can then join Pathway 1 to continue on to FCIA designation through the CIA’s education and examinations.

Pathway 3

This is the experience route. It is open to anyone who already holds a Fellowship-level credential from a recognized actuarial organization who can demonstrate the required professional Canadian experience to achieve the FCIA designation.

Our way forward: Timeline for the CIA education system transformation

Formal introduction: January 2022

Official policy change for ACIA and FCIA requirements

Launch: Summer 2022

New education website launches

Transition: Spring 2023

ACIA module registration opens

Transition continues: Summer 2023

ACIA Capstone exam registration opens
FCIA module registration opens

Full implementation: Winter 2024

FCIA exam registration opens

Completion: January 2025

Full implementation completed

ACIA and FCIA designations: Pursue your professional designation

ACIA designation

If you are planning to pursue a career in actuarial science, particularly in Canada, you will benefit from the ACIA designation. It can be an empowering end goal or an important stepping stone to Fellowship.

FCIA designation

If you want to advance your career, work in a reserved role, enhance your actuarial science credentials, and open new professional opportunities in Canada and beyond, you should consider becoming an FCIA.


“The new pathways will let us get into new realms of business where any type of quantitative analysis is being done.”
Abid Kazmi

“The changes that are coming through to the education system are much more inclusive than the one single path we had before.”
Valérie Adelson

“Ultimately, when actuaries work together, we can achieve better outcomes and solve some of the more challenging issues facing Canadians.”
Patrick Kavanagh

“It’s the best of both worlds. I get to study a program that I thoroughly will enjoy as well as get credit throughout the process.”
Noah Bensmihen
Student and #FutureActuary

See the role that accredited universities play in the CIA’s qualification pathways

We assess universities to ensure they have the people, structure, and resources to deliver the fundamentals of actuarial education.

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